Safety Maturity Assessments.



Safety Maturity Assessments

Operational Unit Maturity Assessment

The safety performance of an organisation is to a large extent determined by its safety maturity.

Executive Safety Solutions has developed an Executive Safety Maturity Model which is a world-class and continuously updated reference model providing insights into the real maturity of both operational and strategic units. It is used to obtain a detailed insight into the "as-is" situation, based on in-depth field assessments, and provides a solid foundation for developing a safety-improvement strategy.

During our assessment, we will categorise your organisation against five maturity levels. In addition, we will distinguish between the maturity level of an operational unit and the maturity level of an entire corporation.

At operational-unit level, we will answer two fundamental question:

  1. Does the unit have the basic safety-management systems in place?
  2. How involved and engaged is the operational-unit leadership in deploying existing safety systems and in installing a safety culture?

Has the organisation defined the appropriate safety processes? Are they documented? Have operations taken ownership of the safety systems in place? How do people behave when executing "standard" tasks? What happens in exceptional circumstances?

The answer to these and many more questions determine the maturity level of an organisation.

Strategic Unit Maturity Assessment

The strategic-unit safety-maturity assessment will build on the outcome of  a selected number of operational-unit-maturity assessments.

At a strategic-unit level, the fundamental question is:

  • To what extend does the strategic unit - corporation, division, business unit, etc. - provide direction and support to its operational units in managing safety on a day-to-day basis?

The information gathered during our unit assessments, combined with the insights acquired during the strategic-unit safety-maturity assessment, determines the consolidated safety-maturity level of your organisation. As a part of the assessment outcome, recommendations are provided to support you in reaching the next level of maturity within a reasonable time frame.